Mind. Body. Sleep


  • 8 weeks of specialized education designed  to help your brain to unlearn the fear of insomnia — new modules unlock every 7 days
  • 4 1:1 personalized coaching calls 

  • Online community support off of Facebook

  • Unlimited questions throughout the program to support you in between sessions

  • Surprise BONUS (trust me, you'll love it 🧡)  


  • You're ready to get knowledge and education that actually makes sense and works LONG-TERM

  • You've already tried a bunch of other things (including CBT-I)

  • You're tired of relying on meds to sleep

  • You're worried nothing will ever work


"I have learned over the course of our time together to come to a point of genuine understanding about sleep, insomnia and the dealings of day to day life. I cannot begin to express my gratitude on this journey and I feel fully confident I have reached the end of the road. For weeks into months now I have not had a worry or concern about sleep. I sleep peacefully, and wake up peacefully and in between, I identify those bumps in the road as part of the path. Sometimes i wake up many hours before my alarm, sometimes i sleep past it. Other times, I’ll fall back asleep right away, other times I’ll fall asleep sometime later.

But nowhere during any of these highly variable nights have I ever felt, fear, worry, apprehension or simply unwellness.

I’d like to conclude by saying you have made this all very possible by all your supportive and caring work, and I truly will always remember you.

Thank you for everything Beth. You have given hope to me where once there really was none. I thought I’d be doomed to a life of plotting, planning and trying to work around my sleep schedule. Dwelling on sounds, sights and in between when I lay in bed. I’ve learned to let go, and I hope you have the best life can offer as you’ve given me the best possibility of what my own life can offer: a world of normalcy and acceptance with regards to what once was such a delicate subject for me -  sleep."

- Ahmed M.

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