Hi, I'm Beth! 


I know what it's like to lose faith in your own ability to sleep.


Which is why I created the Mind. Body. Sleep. 





Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

You're a smart, motivated person who's tried everything but still can't sleep. 

Your life looks great on paper but you're too exhausted all the time to really enjoy it.

You want to be the happy, productive person you know you're capable of being so you keep trying new things to help you sleep. And every time you do, you get your hopes up thinking, "this is the thing that's finally going to work." Only to be let down yet again. 

It was a small problem that became a big problem.

Not sleeping started out as something manageable, something you could work around. But over time, you started changing your life to accommodate not sleeping. Then it started taking over your life dictating your decisions and now, you hesitate to commit to practically anything because you never know for sure if you're going to be able to sleep. Fun times, vacations, physical activities... they're all passing you by because of this relentless sleep problem. 

You just want to get back to the life that you love but you're starting to wonder if that's ever going to happen. 

Ask me how I know this?!

You are not alone in your struggle. I know exactly what you're going through because I went through it, too.

Hi, I'm Beth.

I help people understand WHY they have insomnia so they can get past it for good.

My goal is to get you sleeping, that is my wish for everyone. 

My story.

Anyone who really knows me knows that I struggled with sleep my whole life. Since childhood in fact.

But it was a journey that led to a passion for all things mind-body and neuroplasticity. 

Insomnia lives in the mind. Often, it's a surface expression of fear that results in hyperarousal and the inability to sleep. Over time, this becomes a conditioned response and insomnia becomes chronic. 

I work closely with clients to balance the nervous system, resolve hidden blocks, and rewire the brain for sleep.

I address insomnia holistically, both mind AND body. Insomnia isn't really about sleep, it's about our relationship to sleep. 

Finally being able to sleep allowed me to:

  • get rid of the brain fog, low energy and finally focus
  • start living instead of just existing
  • make actual plans and know I'll be able to stick with them
  • feel a sense of hope instead of hopelessness 
  • exercise as much as I want whenever I want because I HAVE the energy!
  • stop going through life like a zombie.
  • be present with my friends and family (instead of being distracted by my exhaustion)
  • stop spending so much time and money on products, supplements, and programs that don’t work 

Remember, you can't lose your ability to sleep no matter how long you've had insomnia. If I can sleep great, anyone can! 

Cheering you on, 


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