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Rediscover your natural ability to sleep again.  


Finally. Someone who gets it.

Creating the program I wish I would have had...

Beth Kendall MA, FNTP

Insomnia started as a young girl for me. It got increasingly worse throughout life and no matter what I did, I always ended up back in a cycle of insomnia.

Things changed when I started learning about the mind-body connection, how the nervous system works, and the miracle of neuroplasticity. Finally I understood what insomnia was and why it was happening. 

For decades I cycled through doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist, sleep study after sleep study. And none of it worked. 

My mission now is to keep others from spending so much time, money and hope on things that don't last. 

Mind. Body. Sleep. was a labor of love for me. Life is so much sweeter when you're not worried about sleep all the time 🧡

If you find yourself...

  • Wondering WHY nothing works long-term no matter what you do
  • Feeling like your brain is broken and won't sleep like other people's
  • Getting scared insomnia is never going to go away
  • Trying everything only to have it stop working after a while 
  • Sick of taking meds and all the guilt and stress that comes with it
  • Sleeping okay now but feel like insomnia is always lurking around the corner
  • Constantly having to consider sleep before you commit to things
  • Sick of living on the sidelines because of a sleep problem
  • Feeling completely alone like no one gets the extent of what you're dealing with
  • Feeling almost scared to hope something is going to work
  • Perplexed as to how most people can just fall asleep so easily
  • Wondering why you're always tired yet wired
  • Thinking about sleep all day but then the minute you hit the pillow you are WIDE AWAKE
  • Feeling like you're the only one on the planet dealing with this
  • Just existing and never truly enjoying anything because you're so exhausted and worried about sleep all the time

I can help you.

Mind. Body. Sleep. is a 3-month mentorship focused on getting you better sleep by changing your relationship to it. 

You don't do this all by yourself, I am with you every step of the way. 

No more bandaids. It's time to unlearn the fear and reconnect to what's been there all along — your natural ability to sleep. 



Guidance from someone who's lived it.  


Revisit the videos any time you want to.

✔️ 4 1:1 SESSIONS

I'll help you get unstuck with whatever comes up. 


Contact me any time you have a question or concern in between appointments.


My students LOVE the bonus 🧡

How much are you missing out on because of a sleep problem?


3 Simple Steps to Recovery

1. UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM: Understanding and education are KEY — once you get clear on what's going on, you'll naturally respond differently. Education is the beginning of the transformation and the foundation for everything else. This curriculum will empower you! 

2. RESPOND IN HELPFUL WAYS: We can influence our brain's perception of threat through our responses. Fostering a sense of safety around sleep through accurate knowledge, acceptance, and self-kindness, teaches the nervous system that it's okay to let go of hyperarousal. I'll help you step out of the unintentional resistance that perpetuates the cycle of insomnia. 

3. LIVE YOUR LIFE: Recovering from insomnia is an experiential process; it doesn't happen through learning alone. Using the principles of neuroplasticity, I'll help you integrate everything you learn into everyday life. It's 100% possible to find meaning in your experience even while going through insomnia recovery.

How much is insomnia costing you?

This program is perfect if you want to...

  • Learn exactly what insomnia is and why it becomes chronic
  • Avoid the common mistakes that keep you stuck in the cycle of insomnia
  • Learn how to think about insomnia so it loses its power over you
  • Get back into life
  • Start living instead of just existing
  • Deal with the physical manifestations of insomnia
  • Make actual plans and know you'll be able to stick with them
  • Feel a sense of hope instead of hopelessness 
  • Figure out the thoughts and beliefs supporting what you don't want
  • Stop going through life like a zombie.
  • Be present with friends and family (instead of being distracted by exhaustion)
  • Stop spending time and money on products, supplements, and programs that don’t work  

Change your relationship with sleep forever. 

Do it for you. Do it for life.

Mind. Body. Sleep.


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  • Empowering curriculum
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Personalized support. In-between support. And a lifetime of freedom from insomnia.

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Mind. Body. Sleep.

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  • Empowering curriculum
  • 4 private 1:1 sessions
  • Email support
  • (Surprise BONUS)

Personalized support. In-between support. And a lifetime of freedom from insomnia. 

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End the cycle for good. 

Here's what people are saying about Mind. Body. Sleep...

"Blessed to find Mind. Body. Sleep!"

Even more than sleep, Beth's approach actually helps with many other aspects of life. As someone who has struggled badly with insomnia, Beth’s program helped me not only find sleep again, but also understand and stop fearing sleep disturbance. She is constantly reassuring and supportive. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

~ Clare M. 

"This is the best program for insomnia."

This program explained things about sleep I haven't heard anywhere else! It helped me clear out strongholds in my mind and allowed me to realize that there was nothing wrong with me. I learned everything I needed to know to gain a better perspective on sleep. Highly recommend the program — Beth really cares about helping people and knows what it's like to go through it.

~ Vincent Carotenuto 

"Hugely helpful for insomnia."

This program has been life-changing! It helped me reframe the way I approach sleep and taught me the value of acceptance and not struggling against insomnia. Coach Beth helped me step-by-step work with the fear of not sleeping. She is always on hand to give one-on-one support and answers every single question. So much passion, empathy, and knowledge — can’t recommend it enough! 
~ Kate H.

"Helped me even more than I imagined."

Throughout the entire process, Beth helped me feel supported, validated, and less alone. She is so kind and understood exactly what I was going through. It’s almost like I want my friends to go through insomnia just so I can refer them to Beth! (Just kidding, sort of.) I went from being a nervous wreck to sleeping well every night! I HIGHLY recommend the program.

~ Ruby Ferro

"Beth teaches you exactly why insomnia persists."

I desperately tried everything I could to get my sleep back from sleep doctors, sleep studies to CBT-i. Sleep restriction was a nightmare and only exacerbated the problem. After Beth's free course, I enrolled in Mind Body Sleep. I had no expectation going in, since I had been struggling for a good 6 months and thought my case was hopeless. I was adamant against taking long-term medication to do what our bodies inherently know what to do. 

As soon as I started to understand the why, the shift out of insomnia started to happen. It was not an overnight shift, but with Beth's course and her coaching, I was able to get on a solid road out of insomnia-land. She was a guiding light during a very difficult period and am so happy to have stumbled upon her. I highly recommend her course to you if you're struggling with insomnia. 
~ Demi A.

"Mind. Body. Sleep. is for anyone feeling anxious and stuck."

The program helped me understand where I would get stuck and it taught me valuable aspects of mindfulness that I also apply to other areas in life: How to detect and manage your (anxious) thoughts in a healthy way, how to process emotions, how to enjoy life in general, and how to deprioritize sleep. Beth put a lot of love and wisdom into the curriculum and always makes sure to reply in detail to any arising questions. Having someone to rely on with questions during this process was very valuable to me, especially someone who went through the whole thing. So, if you find yourself stuck, I highly recommend the program. :)
~ Yanina K. 

"Helped me look at sleep in a new way."

I ran from pillar to post for many years in frustration seeking a solution to my sleep problem. Beth"s program enabled me to look at sleep in a new and better way. Heartily recommend to anyone suffering from insomnia. 

~Rick Derman


"Really helped me change my psychology."

Your course was very effective at helping me navigate out of insomnia. The consistent underlying message of acceptance, managing responses, and stopping sleep efforts were all really powerful. I want to thank you for putting this course into the world — it is a very valuable resource and a much needed perspective for those who are having difficulty with sleep!

~ Rory D.

"Beth takes the fear out of sleep."

Without fear, insomnia loses its oxygen. Beth's program reminds you again and again that there's nothing wrong with you or your body or your brain. What feels like a cycle of doom can quite easily be broken. Her gentle approach is as comforting as that warm cup of coffee in the morning and your favorite fluffy pillow at bedtime. Beth knows that getting back to peaceful sleep isn't about working hard to find a solution, but about discovering that you can do less, accept emotions as they come, and as she says, "Choose life over insomnia." She knows it because she experienced it all herself. 

~ Ari Levy

"Walking with confidence as part of the solution."

Thank you SO much for supporting me on this journey.  I cannot even express the depth of my gratitude for the help you’ve provided. I have come out the other side of this program a much better person. I say with confidence that I am grateful to have gone through insomnia because of what I’ve learned.
I have long believed that there are roughly 2 kinds of people: those that are part of the problem, and those that are part of the solution (we may waver between the two). In the last four months you and your program have been my solution.
~ Amy Clark

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