Mind. Body. Sleep. 

"Thank you so much, Beth!"

I struggled with insomnia on and off since I was 25 years old. It wasn’t until the Mind. Body. Sleep. program that I learned new mindset shifts that really started breaking me out of the cycle. To give an example, I recently had two bad nights sleep due to a personal event. I was starting to get nervous because I had a relay race to attend the next day. And I also drank coffee in the afternoon… But I remembered what I learned from the program and told myself that even if I don’t get enough sleep the third night, I’m going to be okay. I accepted the possibility that that could happen instead of worrying about it. I ended up having a great nights sleep before the race! I could not have overcome the fear of not sleeping without the knowledge this program has provided me.
~ Diana Ling

"You will get so much more than the course describes!"

I was always one of those "perfect sleepers" but then I experienced sleep maintenance insomnia for almost two years. So began my quest to "fix" my sleep. Supplements, sleep hygiene, sleep music, recordings, meditation, homeopathy medicine, web surfing... nothing worked. Then the web led me to Beth and everything changed. Mind Body Sleep. gave me a profound understanding of sleep and the relationship between body and mind. I learned a lot about acceptance, letting go and being okay with wherever I was on my journey. Befriending wakefulness (big one for me), making life bigger than insomnia, not giving my power to insomnia and letting go of timetables for recovery. I think the course taught me things about myself that I needed to learn. Beth is a coach and cheerleader — she will most certainly hold you up on your journey. I am so grateful I stumbled on her website. Beth's life experience and personal quest for knowledge make her uniquely qualified. To anyone reading, I wish you all the best and celebrate with you in success!

~ Leslie Hlad

"I will forever be grateful to you and your program and how it’s helped me."

Beth, I want to again say thank you so much for helping me. Your program really did save my life! I had sleep issues for almost 15 years. I tried everything from prescription drugs to herbs and nothing seemed to work. I found Mind. Body. Sleep. one day when I was searching for another solution, and I am so grateful I did! 

The easy-to-follow modules, and community support forum helped me realize I wasn’t alone! It also gave me reassurance that what I was encountering was normal. I loved the program because Beth has personally gone through insomnia and knows what it’s like. She is the real deal and can help you no matter how long you have been struggling with this.

~ Aimee Inama

"I feel like a whole different person."

I had insomnia for around 13 years and in that time I tried numerous doctors, medicines, supplements, a sleep psychiatrist and two sleep psychologists. The Mind. Body. Sleep. program helped more than ALL of that! I feel a sense of hope where I felt hopelessness. I am no longer fighting with myself for not being perfect. And I feel empowered to continue my health journey in a centered way. I am a very skeptical person, but I’m so glad I took the risk and did this. I I feel like a whole different person.”
~ Tu-Anh Ton 

"I'm finally sleeping well!"

I just want to say thank you for your program. I have tried everything out there and this was the best sleep program I've ever done. I am finally sleeping well most nights and even if I do go through an occasional sleep bump, I know that nothing is wrong. Because I know how to respond in a way that it is part of the recovery process. I just got back from a two week trip and after some rough sleep at first, I ended up having the time of my life. This would not have been possible before I found you and I wasn't sure if it would ever happen again. I really hope your program finds a lot of people. Cheers...
~ John K.

"I am SO happy to be apart of this beautiful program!"

I LOVE how high-touch support your program is. The community, the course, and the personal 1:1 calls. You’ve done an amazing job and I'm excited for you to continue to expand. You also have a beautiful way with words and wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up writing a book around what you teach. Truly thank you so much, your program is the best coaching investment I’ve made to date. You are the real deal Beth. You care so much and we can all feel your deep rooted support!!! Also my sleep has improved drastically. I haven’t been taking my Trazadone nightly, I am feeling so much better.
~ Emily Rose 

"Helped me look at sleep like it was no big deal."

The thing that was most helpful was the way you articulated my exact experience around fear of not sleeping - no matter where I looked could I find an explanation for what I went through a few years back. When my sleep was at its worst, I was wracked with anxiety. Those days are long behind me now and it is SUCH a relief! 

~ S. M.


"I’m actually recovering from insomnia."

I never thought I would say these words but I’m actually recovering from insomnia. Beth is an amazing coach — always right there for you. So many times I wanted to give up. Thinking this was just how my life was to be from now on. But then Beth would walk me through the speed bumps and not only reassure me but help me understand it's a normal part of the process. She also helps you feel like you are not alone. There is no pressure, no rules to follow. You go at your own pace. Recovery takes time and that’s OK! I cannot thank Beth enough for all her help. 

~ Sina Miguel

"Thank you Coach Beth, from the bottom of my heart. You saved me!"

I started the Mind. Body. Sleep. program as a cynic. And as a last resort to help me with my insomnia recovery. I had already tried everything under the sun for this “disease.” This includes prescription drugs, very expensive talk therapy, CBT-I, meditation, blue blockers, exposing myself to sun in the morning, CBD, THC, sleep supplements and more. None of this worked. At my wit’s end, I decided to try the program. I had an A-HA moment when I realized this program was different. Not only did it help with my insomnia recovery, but it literally changed my LIFE – and how I respond to everything that happens. Coach Beth’s compassion, empathy, knowledge and the way she responds to every question with the utmost love and care was astounding to me. She gives you the tools you need to take care of yourself for the LONG TERM. It is not easy or a quick fix, but it is extremely empowering and relieving to know that you don’t need anything for sleep to come. I am living proof that a hopeless case can recover.

~ Lisa W.

"I wasn't broken."

Hi Beth, I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU so much for the mentorship. In the depths of insomnia I thought there was no hope and that no one understood how I felt and then I came across your website. What a revelation it was to hear from someone who knew exactly how I felt and had come out the other side. To know that I wasn't broken and there was nothing I needed to do to make sleep happen. I am so thankful that you decided to share your knowledge and make a course to help others. Many thanks!

~ Claire Hass

"Thank you, Beth, for helping me find myself again!"

I contacted Beth out of desperation and fear when I went months without sleeping. Regular doctors were no help and pushed strong medication and “sleep hygiene.” I knew there had to be another option. I stumbled across Beth’s Instagram page and immediately became interested in pursuing Mind. Body. Sleep. Everything she posted resonated with me and gave me peace and comfort. I spoke with Beth and I finally felt heard! I decided to purchase the course and I am beyond grateful that I did. I went from feeling like I’d never be “normal” again, to sleeping better than I ever have. Not only did I get to the root cause of my sleep issues, but I learned so much more about myself. My overall outlook on life is better since working with Beth. This is not a “quick fix” to your insomnia; however, it is a framework that will help you truly understand what is happening to you. Thank you, Beth, for helping me find myself again!

~ Kelly Del Monte

"Worth my investment!"

This course, the material, the teachings, Beth's coaching, and the Community are transforming my understanding of sleep, and, equally as important, changing how I engage with life and it's anxiety and stress. Many of the concepts apply — for me — to more than my work to recover from insomnia.
I found this course by happenstance in a CNBC article in January of 2023. So grateful.
I am on the path to richer, deeper sleep, and have a deeper knowledge of how my brain, nervous system and my body operate. I feel more equipped to handle life's challenges and obstacles.
Worth my time, energy and investment!

~ Ken Selvig

"Worth every dime!"

This program was the answer to a desperate cry for help and a clear answer to prayer! It does not matter how long you have been dealing with insomnia, her program can and WILL turn things around. And it is so very simple. Overnight fix? No. But a retraining your brain program unlike any other. It absolutely works and the things you learn will carry over into so many other areas of life. Don’t hesitate — it's worth every dime! Look forward to getting your life back!

~ L. Laramore

"It will continue to serve me always."

Dear Beth..... although I'd want to hold onto this connection forever, it is time for me to wean from this amazing group.

I am sleeping these days (nights! I mean) and I have been for a couple of months. I think your program is amazing and comprehensive.

You and Coach Richard are kind, respectful, and compassionate and skilled at listening and reflecting back gentle observations and suggestions.

Bottom line: SUCCESS!

With deep gratitude, 

~ Jane C.

"I can now say that I am a totally different person."

I started the program in January during a dark time in my life. My anxiety was through the roof and my sleep was really bad. At almost 30, I've lived half my life with insomnia. I tried a lot of things and was feeling really guilty and sad about what I considered to be a failure. My insomnia evolved through the years: troubles falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, waking up way too early... I was ashamed and full of anxiety about this issue. 
I first heard of Beth through her podcast and it was a revelation. For the first time, I could recognize myself in the symptoms described as hyperarousal and moreover, someone was telling me to let it go. And to stop trying so hard.
I worked on myself on various subjects and I think Beth's work arrived at just the right time for me. The end of a journey for my mental health. 
I can't thank her and Richard enough for their gentleness and help.
Now, I can say that most of my nights are normal. And when they're not, it's ok. I am learning day after day to not worry about it and that everything in my body and my head is perfectly normal. Keep the faith.
~ Iris O. 

'If you're struggling, I highly recommend you work with Beth."

Working with Beth last year was the catalyst to bringing myself back to a place of calm and understanding. I was struggling with insomnia and became desperate for a way out. I was worried I was broken, that I thought my way into something i couldn't break away from. I honestly had no idea how to break the cycle of worry around sleep, and I really lacked knowledge about what was going on in my body causing it. With Beth's program and 1:1 calls, any questions I had were answered and over time, I was able to ease into trusting that this was not permanent… And it wasn’t. If you are struggling, I highly recommend you work with Beth.

~ Austyn 

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